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Tour Schedule: Gearbreakers

Hello friends!

The Colored Pages Team is super excited to announce the confirmed schedule for yet another amazing book: Gearbreakers!

Thank you to everyone that signed up and helped spread the word to ensure we find as many International and Own Voices readers as possible. We are so happy with the incredible response to this tour!

Remember to check our hosts’ posts during the week of the tour and help promote the release of Gearbreakers.

About the Book

Publication date: June 29th 2021

Publisher: feiwel friends

Pages: 416 pages

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Representation: Asian, Asian American, Sapphic

Other Links: GoodreadsAmazonBookshop

We went past praying to deities and started to build them instead…

The shadow of Godolia’s tyrannical rule is spreading, aided by their giant mechanized weapons known as Windups. War and oppression are everyday constants for the people of the Badlands, who live under the thumb of their cruel Godolia overlords.

Eris Shindanai is a Gearbreaker, a brash young rebel who specializes in taking down Windups from the inside. When one of her missions goes awry and she finds herself in a Godolia prison, Eris meets Sona Steelcrest, a cybernetically enhanced Windup pilot. At first Eris sees Sona as her mortal enemy, but Sona has a secret: She has intentionally infiltrated the Windup program to destroy Godolia from within.

As the clock ticks down to their deadliest mission yet, a direct attack to end Godolia’s reign once and for all, Eris and Sona grow closer–as comrades, friends, and perhaps something more…

About the Author

photo by Kiva Brearton

Zoe Hana Mikuta currently attends the University of Washington in Seattle, studying English with a creative writing focus. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where she developed a deep love of Muay Thai kickboxing and nurtured a slow and steady infatuation for fictional worlds. When she is not writing, Zoe can be found embroidering runes onto her jean pockets, studying tarot or herbology, or curled up with a cup of caramel coffee and a good, bloody but heartwarming book. Gearbreakers is her debut novel.


Tour Schedule

June 23rd

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June 24th

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June 25th 

Sophie Ligaya dela Cruz – Reading Vlog 

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June 26th

Starlight Strands – Review Only

Januisance – Blog Interview

Debjani’s Thoughts – Review Only

The Tsundoku Chronicles – Favorite Quotes

June 27th

An Ode to Fiction – Review Only

Rainstorm Reads – Playlist

Of Stars and Pages – Favorite Quotes

June 28th

Not Just Fiction – X Reasons to Read Gearbreakers

Thisbellereadstoo – Review Only

Pastelwriter – Review Only 

June 29th

Melancholic Blithe – Blog Interview

Windows to Worlds – Review Only 

The_offbeat_human – Playlist

Bookwyrm’s Guide to the Galaxy – Pinterest Board and Playlist


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