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Book Tour Schedule: The Witchery

Book Tour Schedule: The Witchery

Thank you to everyone that signed up for the #TheWitcheryTour . Below is the tour schedule with some amazing book bloggers or various platforms!

The Witchery Book Tour Schedule

July 20th

BookJunkieShelves – Instagram Feed Post

She Ready To Read – Favorite Quotes

BookishEnds – Instagram Feed Post

July 21st

@wordsandcyphers – Instagram Feed Post

PopTheButterfly Reads – Review Only 

Sagarific – Mood Board

July 22nd

​​Kaythebookworm – Mood Board

Goldenbookhunter – Instagram Feed Post

July 23rd

Allmyfriendsareinbooks – Instagram Feed Post

Readwithatlas – Instagram Feed Post

Bookloversbookreviews – Reading Vlog

July 24th

Sanjariti – Instagram Feed Post

Justice For Readers – Books recommendations based on the book

Cassiesbookshelves – Playlist

July 25th

Pluvioreads – Instagram Feed Post

Islandgyalreads – Instagram Feed Post

Curlytop Reads – Instagram Feed Post

July 26th

Starred Pages – Review Only 

Unfocusedcuriosity – Instagram Feed Post

Booksofelli – Instagram Feed Post

For more information about the book check out the original sign up post HERE.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, DM us on any of our social media pages, or email us at coloredpagestours@gmail[dot]com


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