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Our Goals:

  • Connect international and own voices reviewers with work that represents them throughout all social media channels
  • We strive to use our shared love of books to create equal opportunities for book bloggers all over the world, in whatever way we can.
  • Offer authors the opportunity to tour with us in exchange for reviews and publicity by bloggers that are excited and compatible to read these stories.

What We Offer:

Usually, a week-long virtual tour where the book is featured through both visual media (Youtube, TikTok & Instagram) and written media (Book Blogs & Twitter) with reviews, interviews, creative posts and, if chosen, with other promotional posts.

The creative content could be:

  • Book playlist
  • Book as TikTok sound
  • Character playlist
  • Dream cast
  • Book as outfit
  • Review the story in 3 or 5 GIFs
  • Character interviews
  • Makeup look inspired by the book
  • Guest posts with topics provided by the author
  •  Basic Q&A
  • Top 10 lists
  • Mood boards, book aesthetics, etc.
  • Reading vlog

*All tours include the opportunity for bloggers to post their own creative content inspired by the book and share their favorite quotes from the book. The tours can be modified to the author/publisher’s wishes.

***Each tour includes 10-20 book influencers (depending on the type of tour and general interest in the book). 


  • $115/week of tour and promotion across all social media platforms. This will provide a small fee for the team behind the scenes, and will help in covering shipping costs. 

Why Book a Tour with Us? 

As an author, you give readers the opportunity to know you, your characters, and your story by participating in interviews with our hosts and writing unique guest posts and other promotional content. It’s the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the book community and get to know them, as well as gain publicity. There’s no traveling on your part, and you can enjoy interacting with your readers from the comfort of your home. It allows you to reach potential readers worldwide across multiple sites. Readers get additional insight into your book with our week-long virtual tour. 

How we operate:

  1. Submit a request

To submit your request for a promotional event, email us with the following information:

  • Book information  (the book title, author, genre, age group, and synopsis).
  • Book cover.
  • Type of event you are interested in organizing.
  • Anything you deem relevant.
  1. Choose the dates for your tour
  2. Access to your book

Our hosts will require access to your book. We work with both digital ARCs and print ARCs as well as finished copies. If your publisher uses NetGalley or Edelweiss, we can provide them with email addresses in order to distribute widgets.

  1. Let us handle the rest

**At the end of the tour we will send you a document with all the links of the tour stops posts

Why Choose Colored Pages? 

We enjoy different genres and perspectives, and will always find the perfect fit for your book. We are very professional and spend hours each week working behind the scenes to make sure the tours are well organized and thoroughly executed. The ten of us have years of experience as book influencers  and event organizers, with a plethora of skills among us. We’re constantly reinventing ourselves as the book community evolves, the world changes, and are committed to making each tour a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

If you want more information about us or about our services you can find it here

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